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Terms and Conditions



Fees & Terms and conditions for Childminding


My fees and availability hours for childminding in my home are:


Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays):

7.45am to 6pm:  Standard hourly contracted rate £6.50 per hour.

Any extra hours without 48 hours notice given £8.50 per hour.

Food Charges

Breakfast - 50p

Lunch - £1.50

Evening Meals - Up to 2 years old £1.50, 2-4 years old £2, 4 years plus £2.50

 Fees are to be paid weekly or monthly in advance on the first working day of the month.  Or for weekly, payment must be paid the last working day of the week before.  For example funds should be received into my bank account by the first of the month for the care of the next month, or the Friday for Monday’s childcare.  If only partial funds received or all funds not received by the 5th of the month (to allow for bank holidays and weekend) then a late payment fee will be added.

I am able to accept a wide range of Childcare vouchers.  Please contact me to check if you are in receipt of childcare vouchers and I will be able to advise if I can accept them.

My fees are reviewed every year, next review due April 2019.


Holidays and sickness: As long as four weeks notice has been given for your holidays and occasional days off, I will charge no fee.

This gives me more time with the children in my care and my son! I don't want parents to just send their children to me because they have paid me. There are occasions when other family members help out or holidays when parents want to keep their children home, which I am more than happy with.

I require three weeks pay for my holidays per calendar year.  This consists of one week at Christmas and two weeks throughout the rest of the year.  This is pro rata.  For term time only contracts, as long as 28 days notice has been given of holidays, the only holidays of mine to be paid for are one week at Christmas.  If I am sick, I do not expect to be paid as I am conscious that you may need to find and an alternative child care setting.  If you or your child is ill then full fee applies.


Late Collections and payments: If you are late to collect the child without prior agreement, I charge an hourly rate of £10.00.  If your payment is late a £15 fee will be added each week.  I have the right to not accept your child and may terminate your contract.  I have the right to not accept your child and may terminate your contract if either of these happen regularly.


Notice of Termination of Agreement - Four weeks notice is required by either party to terminate or amend the agreement.  An exception of this is if a child is violent towards me, my family or other children in my care.


Copies of references are available on request

A list of my current policy documents can be found here.  Copies of the policy documents are available on request



Fees & Terms and conditions for babysitting

I have over 25 years babysitting experience.  I have my own car and am willing to travel up to a 10 mile radius of Carshalton (approx 30 min drive) at no extra cost.  I do not charge extra for siblings, though will charge extra for non siblings.  I do not increase my hourly rate for working after midnight.

My hourly rate for this is £10 or part of. There will be a minimum of four hours charged. 

For 10 to 15 miles my hourly charge is £15 or part of, with the four hour minimum charge. 

I will consider travelling further, please contact me for details.

On the first occasion that I babysit for you, I may offer to come and meet you to introduce myself to you and your children.  If this is the case I may take a retainer fee to cover my mileage which will be taken off the first time I babysit for you.  At this time, I will show you my childminding portfolio and references.

I like most domestic animals, so am happy around cats and dogs.

All prices quoted are subject to a yearly review, next review due April 2019.



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